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Libya: Warlord Orders Navy to Confront Ships Invited by Libyan Government

Libyan Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter ordered his naval forces to confront foreign ships entering Libyan waters without military permission. The ships most likely to be confronted are Italian boats sent at the request of Libya’s internationally-recognized civilian government to help manage the migrant crisis.

Cars line up at a gas station in Pyongyang, North Korea Credit: Eric Talmadge/AP

China’s National Oil Company Suspends Sales to North Korea

Reuters reported on Wednesday that China’s state-run National Petroleum Corporation has suspended fuel sales to North Korea for an undetermined period of time. CNPC is the primary supplier of fuel to North Korea.

Our Open Border Brings More Cruelty for Migrants

Our Open Border Brings More Cruelty for Migrants

Border patrol agents in Tucson, Arizona, arrested more human smugglers attempting to traffic illegal migrants in the trunks of vehicles. There have been two such incidents in the last several days. On April 16, a driver attempted to avoid detection at

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Opponents Slam Italian Government Plan to Scrap Laws Criminalising Illegal Immigrants

The centre-left government of Italy has announced plans to ditch laws criminalising undocumented illegal immigrants by direct decree. Opponents have already predicted an “invasion”. Having been criminalised by Silvio Berlusconi’s government back in 2009, and in spite of the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe,