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Harvard Researcher Pleads Guilty to Lying About Smuggling Cancer Research to China

A Harvard researcher from China pled guilty in federal court last week to lying to federal investigators over his role in an attempt to smuggle cancer research from Harvard University to the Chinese government. Over the past several years, dozens of researchers at institutions around the nation have failed to disclose their financial relationships with the Chinese government.


Six Cases of Wikipedia Editors Smearing President Trump

Just as the corporate media have been smearing Donald Trump since he launched his successful run for the presidency, editors on Wikipedia have done the same. This has included a college professor at the beginning of Trump’s term pushing students to add attacks on the President, editors placing mocking or incendiary articles about him on the site’s front page, equating Trump with the Nazis, and advancing the Russian collusion and Ukraine “quid pro quo” smears that have dominated his Administration.

US President Donald Trump speaks as he takes part in the signing of a proclamation on the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment during an event in the Blue Room of the White House in Washington, DC on August 18, 2020. - The 19th Amendment was created …

Netflix Docuseries ‘Immigration Nation’ Depicts ICE Agents as Cruel and Callous

Netflix has released the first trailer for “Immigration Nation,” which is set to debut August 3 on the streamer. The trailer is replete with scenes of crying children being torn from the arms of their parents. Not shown are MS-13 gang members, drug dealers, and the numerous violent illegal aliens who are arrested each year for crimes including murder and rape.