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Rights Group: Islamic State in Mosul Targets Civilians as it Retreats

Islamic State militants in Mosul are deliberately targeting civilians who refuse to join them as they retreat ahead of advancing Iraqi forces involved in a large-scale government operation to retake the militant-held city, an international watchdog said on Wednesday.

TOPSHOT - Men wait for their identity to be checked by soldiers from the Iraqi Special Forces' second division in Mosul's eastern district of Karkukli on November 18, 2016, during a massive operation to retake the last IS-held city in the country. The group of men was taken to a …

Iraq Says It Recaptured Town Along Islamic State Supply Route into Syria

The Iraqi military said it has recaptured the western town of Rutba from the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). The town is located along the militants’ supply route into neighboring Syria, and is considered an essential “support zone” used by the terrorist group to launch attacks in both countries.


Study: Facebook Pages Used as ‘Online Arms Bazaars’ for Terrorists

The New York Times reports it was able to persuade Facebook to shut down six web pages used as “sprawling online arms bazaars” for terrorists and militants, “offering weapons ranging from handguns and grenades to heavy machine guns and guided missiles.”

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