Israeli-Lebanese border

Israel Warns Iran Against Arming Hezbollah In Lebanon

TEL AVIV – Israel has sent messages to Iran via diplomatic channels in Europe warning the regime that it “will not tolerate” expanding Hezbollah’s arsenal with weapons factories in southern Lebanon.


IAF Chief: Israel Has ‘Unimaginable’ Power to Use In War With Hezbollah

TEL AVIV – If Hezbollah fires rockets at Israel the IDF should retaliate by striking Iran’s infrastructure, a former deputy defense minister said Wednesday at a security conference soon after the head of the country’s air force warned that Israel possessed “unimaginable” military power to use in a future war with Lebanon.


Lebanese PM Calls For Permanent Truce With Israel

TEL AVIV – Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri urged the UN Friday to help his Lebanon reach a permanent ceasefire with Israel to end the Jewish state’s “continuous violations.”

Saad al-Hariri