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John Carroll University Professor: We Do Not Have to Follow the First Amendment

A professor at John Carroll University says that the school “fortunately” does not have to abide by the First Amendment, as it is a private university that can ban “hate speech” from the student newspaper. The professor, who spoke to Breitbart News about a recent incident involving a conservative student editor censored by the school’s newspaper, acknowledged that she still needs to figure out how to define the term “hate speech.”

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John Carroll University Student Newspaper Revises Guidelines to Censor Conservative Catholic Editor

John Carroll University’s student newspaper, the Carroll News, is revising its editorial guidelines in an effort to censor speech after students took offense to a conservative Catholic student editor expressing his views in the newspaper. The newspaper then released a statement chastising the editor, suggesting that “free speech” should make everybody “feel safe in its harmony,” and that the Catholic student’s views are in “direct conflict” with the mission of the Jesuit university. The editor has since resigned from his position.

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