Whoops! California Dept of Finance Made $1.8 Billion Error

The California Department of Finance told Breitbart News that they did not discover a negative $1.8 billion cost error in calculating the state budget, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on June 27, until after the November 8 elections.


California Tests Per-Mile Fee to Spike Gas Tax Collection

California is testing a per-mile “fee” (gas tax) on drivers to spike Caltrans fuel tax collection — which will pay for employee feather-bedding, higher mileage cars and subsidized electric vehicles.

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California Adds $2.7 Billion in Unfunded Spending

With a little over two more years left in office, California Governor Jerry Brown agreed to a $122.5 billion budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year that adds $2.7 billion of mostly unfunded new spending for welfare, schools and prisons.

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Cal School Budgets: Pension Costs Rise from 3.8% to 9%

California schools are about to suffer a 235% increase in the percentage of their annual budgets that are devoted to teacher pensions managed by the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS). The stunningly higher costs will slash the number of classroom teachers in all predominantly middle-class schools, but exempt inner-city school districts with high “English learners and recipients of subsidized meals.”

CalSTRS (Paul Sableman / Flickr / Creative Commons)