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Right Wing Gays Slam London LGBT Pride For Moving To Permanently Ban UKIP

London’s Gay Pride Parade has updated the application process for their future events, banning perceive “homophobic” groups. Activists fear mainstream political parties like the UK Independence Party (UKIP) will be excluded from the gay rights celebration indefinitely after the unexpected and unexplained banning of a


UKIP Banned from London’s Gay Pride Parade

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has been officially banned from attending this year’s Gay Pride Parade in London, following a U-turn from event organisers.  The party’s LGBT* group, as well as the youth wing Young Independence had initially intended to

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Some Gay People Vote UKIP. Get Over It.

The left–wing media seem to be taking pride (geddit?) in the fact that a bunch of politically-motivated LGBT activists are trying to ban UKIP from marching in London’s Gay Pride Parade later this month. You’d think that the “hundreds” (whoa,

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