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Texas Leaders Respond to Indictments of Pro-life Activists

A grand jury in Harris County, Texas, has declined to take any action against Houston-based Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast but has indicted the two people who took undercover videos. Texas leaders responded to the indictments of the pro-life activists by vowing to continue their investigation into the practices at Texas abortion facilities.

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War on Christmas Hits Small Texas Town

The War on Christmas has hit a small East Texas town. Residents of Orange, Texas, are furious that a nativity scene has been taken down after 30 years. The city manager decided to remove it from city property after atheists demanded a display of their own.

Graffiti Calling for Violence Against Cops Spreads Across Texas

Graffiti Calling for Violence Against Cops Spreads Across Texas

Hate speech and graffiti calling for violence against cops has spread across Texas. Grafitti has recently appeared in both Austin, and in Houston, Texas. Violence-inflaming statements in Austin proclaim – “Run Over Cops At Traffic Stops; Shoot Them In The Cop Car!”

Texas Senate to Investigate Jails

Texas Senate to Investigate Jails: ‘Zero Tolerance for Suicides’ Says Senator

The Texas Senate announced it will hold hearings to investigate jail procedures in the wake of the suicide of Sandra Bland in a Waller County jail. Texas lawmakers are conducting an in-depth investigation into current practices for evaluating the mental health of prisoners once they are arrested.

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Obama’s Executive Amnesty Suffers Another Hit in Federal Courts

A panel of the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has refused to remove an order that blocks the President from implementing his executive amnesty program, which would prevent deportations and grant work permits to millions of illegal immigrants.