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The Long Knives Come Out for Yahoo’s CEO

Although Marissa Mayer has brought stability and mobile growth to Yahoo over the last three years, after the company went through four failed CEOs, activist hedge funds are bringing out the long knives to threaten dumping Mayer.

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Yahoo Ex-Employee Sued for Leaking Passwords for Marissa Mayer Book

Leaking information to reporters in Silicon Valley is an everyday occurrence. But a former employee at Yahoo is being sued for actually leaking passwords to confidential computer files inside the company to help a financial industry journalist write an unauthorized biography titled: “Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!”

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Yahoo!’s CEO Must Go

Like most female tech executives, Marissa Mayer is a feminist’s worst nightmare. For one thing, she is ruthlessly focused on merit, claiming to be “gender blind,” which annoys women-in-tech campaigners no end. They say women should be given special consideration


Pride Goes Before the Fall at Yahoo

The New York Times has a lengthy piece on the rise and fall of Yahoo – the Internet giant that pioneered Web searches, helped define the Internet experience by creating a unified start page that still has over 700 million visitors a

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