Mass Extermination

Mass Graves Discovered North of Acapulco

Mexican authorities have found 32 bodies and nine heads in approximately 20 mass graves in the Mexican State of Guerrero. The state, which is home to the famous beach resort city Acapulco, has been the scene of a fierce cartel war as rival groups fight for lucrative distribution routes.


Mexican Mayor Arrested After Hundreds Massacred and Cooked in Network of Ovens, Following Breitbart Report

Mexican authorities have arrested the former mayor of a rural community in the border state of Coahuila in connection with the kidnapping, murder and incineration of hundreds of victims through a network of ovens at the hands of the Los Zetas cartel. The arrest comes after Breitbart Texas exposed not only the horrors of the mass extermination, but also the cover-up and complicity of the Mexican government.

Oven in Mexico Used to Incinerate Bodies

3800 Bone Fragments Found in Mexican Cartel Killing Field

PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila — More than 3,800 human bone fragments have been recovered from a ranch in the Mexican state of Coahuila pointing to yet another chapter of the mass exterminations carried out over time by the Los Zetas cartel with the help of corrupt government officials.

Since early 2015, human rights groups and grieving parents have been carrying out searches in the ranch known as Patrocinio near the town of San Pedro Coahuila, information released by the Coahuila government revealed. The area where the fragments were found is part of the region known as La Laguna, a place that saw a spike in violence since 2006 when hostilities between the Los Zetas and Sinaloa cartels began.

Coahuila Missing