Matthew Clendennen

Pair of Bikers in Twin Peaks Shootout Case Push to Recuse Waco D.A.

Bikers who were caught-up in the Twin Peaks arrests in May 2015 have filed motions to recuse the Waco District Attorney. They say they cannot get a fair trial because there is a conflict of interest and have asked for the appointment of an attorney pro tem.

Waco Shooting

Twin Peaks Biker Files Objection: Waco PD Grand Jury Foreman has Conflict of Interest

One of the bikers arrested as a result of the Twin Peaks restaurant shootout has filed an objection arguing that it would be a conflict of interest to allow a Waco Police Department detective to preside as grand jury foreman over his criminal case. The objection includes a copy of the Gary Larson cartoon shown above.

Clendennen Cartoon in Objection to Grand Jury