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Media Malpractice

Trump Incorrectly Claimed Ohio Attacker Has ‘Ties to ISIS

A tweet and several public statements by Donald Trump claiming that Tommy DiMassimo, the man who attempted to climb on stage and attack him during a Dayton, Ohio rally on Saturday, has “ties to ISIS,” are apparently false.

The Associated Press

New York Times Caught in Lies Defending Black Panthers

The mainstream media—following the lead of the New York Times—is once again engaging in a factually false whitewash of the “ black liberation” movement as they erroneously report on the recent release of the last of the violent Angola Three. This group of criminals wrapped themselves in the Black Panthers cloak and became a cause célèbre for the activist left.

APTOPIX Angola Three

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Is Correct — Obama Has Been Featured In Terror Recruiting Videos

The mainstream media is using Donald Trump’s involuntary appearance in a recruitment video released by the Somali-based jihad group Al-Shabaab to smear the Republican presidential primary front-runner. However, those same outlets failed to mention that President Barack Obama was used in prior recruitment videos by Al-Shabaab and ISIS.

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