Mexican Politics

Clowns, Comedians and Narco-Stars Taking Over Mexican Politics

The upcoming federal elections in Mexico has resulted in a number of actors, clowns and soccer stars seeking a spot in the arena of Mexico’s political elite. While many pundits already consider Mexican politicians to be buffoons, this latest political move adds a literal sense to the joke.

Guillermo “Lagrimita” Cienfuegos

Cartel Chronicles: Gulf Cartel Picks Candidate for Mexican Congress

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas — High ranking members of the Gulf Cartel have picked their candidate for congress in the next election in this border city.

After getting 6,000 signatures of support, Jorge Renteria Campos the chairman of the Matamoros Bar Association is preparing to take the helm of the Independent Party in his quest for political office as a federal congressman.

Gulf Cartel Killings - REUTERS-MARIO VAZQUEZ