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Israel Warns Future War with Hezbollah Will Be ‘Ferocious’

MISGAV AM, Israel — When Israeli army commanders describe how the next war against Hezbollah could unfold, they often search for words not used in military manuals. The future conflict, they warn, will be “ferocious” and “terrible.”


Head Of Israeli Democrats Defends Sanders: Foreign Policy Is Not His Forte

Foreign policy is not Bernie Sanders’ strong suit, the head of the Democratic party’s Israel branch said Wednesday, defending the presidential candidate for his controversial positions on the Middle East conflict, including his suggestion that the IDF had killed more than 10,000 innocent Palestinians during the last Gaza war.

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Qatar Joins Saudis in Breaking Diplomatic Ties with Iran

In a deepening regional rift, the nation of Qatar has severed diplomatic relations with Iran, joining Bahrain, Kuwait and Sudan in backing Saudi Arabia. Qatar is the latest country to recall its ambassador to Iran following the attacks on Saudi