The Devastating Silence From Labour ‘Feminists’ On Cologne

On the night of the Oldham West and Royton by-election result I accused the Labour Party of engaging in “dangerous identity politics.” The result of me uttering this sentence on TV was that the political journalists both local and national

Rochdale Mosque

UK Muslim Rape Gang Charged With Trafficking White Girls

Six men, five of which are from Muslim backgrounds, have been charged with the sexual exploitation, trafficking and rape of underage white girls in the town of Rochdale, Northern England. The charges relate to offences allegedly committed between 2004 and


Reports: Migrants Harassing Women Across Denmark

Women across Denmark have complained of harassment by migrants who they accused of making them feel unsafe when out at night. In the town of Thisted in the north of the country, authorities admitted there was a harassment “problem” stemming

pepper spray

Now Over 500 Reported Attacks In Cologne On New Year’s Eve

The city of Cologne has now registered over 500 attacks on New Year’s Eve – 40 per cent of which are believed to have been sex-related, according to new information released by the city’s police. On Saturday, Cologne cops stated that


Security Expert: ‘Migrant Sex Gangs Could Come To The UK’

A security expert has warned that the UK could become exposed to the mass rape epidemic sweeping the continent in just a few years, as recently arrived migrants in Germany and elsewhere gain the right to roam freely within the