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Gay Couple Brutally Attacked in German Asylum Home

A Serbian homosexual couple who applied for asylum in Germany were brutally beaten almost to death by residents in an asylum home earlier this week, according to a gay rights activist.


Over 40 Migrants Attack Security At German Migrant Camp

A huge group of between 40 and 50 migrants attacked the security at their asylum camp using fists and stones to beat the guards who were forced to call in local police to quell the riot. A migrant camp built


Migrant Attacker Sent Text Saying He Wanted To Stab Girlfriend

A migrant in Vienna who stabbed his girlfriend at a subway station sent a text to an Austrian woman he’d just met beforehand claiming that he wanted to kill her. On Tuesday night emergency services in the Austrian capital of Vienna

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Torched Migrant Centre Housed Known Troublemakers

The Dusseldorf exhibition centre that was subject of migrant arson is revealed to have had previous problems with violent migrants. Last month parts of the Dusseldorf international exhibition centre burned to the ground in a spectacular column of flame and smoke.

Migrant Centre

Migrants in Greece Light Tents on Fire, Threaten Children

Migrants in the Greek migrant camp on the island of Chios have burned down their tents, and some have threatened to kill children in protest of asylum waiting times. Police have arrested several migrants who started a riot in the


Most Teens Afraid Of Young Arabs

A German teen claims that most youths are afraid of Arabs, and in an interview with Die Welt discusses why German men have given up defending themselves, opting to wait for police instead. Eighteen-year-old Miguel has no problem defending himself on the

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Turkish Fascists March Openly In Germany, Clash With Kurds

Turkish nationalists have marched through a major Germany city, allegedly inciting sectarian hatred towards Kurds and chanting: “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer you”. The 400-strong group was identified as the Grey Wolves Pan-Turkist group, which has a long history

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Violence On the Rise in Greek Migrant Camps

Across migrant camps in Greece incidents of violence, from assaults to stabbings, are escalating in number as inter-ethnic conflicts erupt. Disputes between different nationalities in Piraeus, Idomeni and the island of Chios have led to a wave of violent attacks

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