Mr. T

Final Respects: Tremendous Turnout for Nancy Reagan

Tens of thousands of people are traveled from near and far to pay their finals respects to former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who will be laid to rest next to her husband, President Ronald Reagan, on Friday.

President Ronald and first lady Nancy Reagan give farewell waves following a fundraiser for the Campaign Fund for Republican Women, Feb. 15, 1984 in Washington. Speaking on what would have been the 164th birthday of suffragist Susan B. Anthony, Reagan told the group "We can be proud that, as women …

Mr. T Returns to TV with DIY Show: ‘I Pity the Tool’

The A-Team’s Mr. T will join fellow B-list celebrities Vanilla Ice, Daryl Hall, and Jennie Garth on the DIY Network as the latest big name to star in a home renovation reality series, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Ron Frehm/AP Photo