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ADL’s Foxman Panics over Liberal Support for Israel

Outgoing Anti-Defamation League chief Abe Foxman has reportedly panicked over what he calls declining U.S. support for Israel, and blamed Israel for taking Americans, and American Jews, for granted. Foxman’s claims contradict polls showing that American support for Israel is near an all-time high. The real reason for his freakout: liberals support Israel less, which means that American Jews support Israel less, because of President Barack Obama’s confrontational policy toward Israel.

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Obama Proves: Iran Deal Is Munich II

For days, lefties like Chris Matthews of MSNBC and Jonathan Chait of the New Republic have been fuming that conservative critics of the Iran “framework” have referred to it as the sequel to the Munich agreement of 1938—the deal that defined “appeasement.” Yet President Barack Obama proved his critics correct on Monday when he rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s suggestion that Iran be required to accept Israel’s right to exist as a condition of a final deal.

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Isaac Herzog’s Questionable Leadership

In most democracies, and especially small ones, politics ends at the water’s edge. Whatever criticism the opposition might have about the government, especially the leader, it refrains from doing so purely for the benefit of a foreign audience. Not so for the Israeli opposition, headed by Isaac Herzog of the Zionist Union, who has not only bashed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to the United States as a purely political move, but has done so in a New York Times op-ed.


Goldberg Blames Bibi for Obama’s Disastrous Israel Policy

For Goldberg, Obama can do no wrong when it comes to Israel–and only Israel. In his efforts to cover for Obama, he has fumbled away much of his credibility on the issue. There is not much for Netanyahu to fear from the habitual criticism of a pundit who has so clearly departed from reality. But as an example of how American Jewish liberals are tying themselves in knots trying to reconcile their partisan loyalties with the facts of Obama’s failures on Israel, there is no finer specimen.

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