Obamacare risk corridors

Chicago Area Hines Veterans Hospital Sited In Mass VA Scandal

World View: Veterans’ Medical Services Continue to Worsen Since 2014 Scandal

Contents: Doctors prepare to strike UK’s National Health Service; Veterans’ medical services continue to worsen since 2014 scandal; Obamacare prices skyrocketing in 2016, as I predicted in 2009; Kentucky’s new governor Matt Bevin promises to end Obamacare abuses; Four more Obamacare co-ops collapse in the last week; Obamacare ‘risk corridors’ are also collapsing financially


Another Obamacare Co-Op Fails, Will Cease Operation at End of 2015

An Obamacare Co-Op in South Carolina has agreed to close its doors at the end of 2015. Consumers’ Choice Health Plan is the 9th Obamacare Co-Op to close this year out of 23 originally launched with low-interest government loans under the Affordable Care Act.