Paris Massacre

The Paris Massacre Sunk Ben Carson

A look at the RealClearPolitics averages allows us to pinpoint the exact moment when Carson began to fade, never to recover: Nov. 13, 2015. That was the day that Islamic State terrorists carried out bloody attacks across Paris.

Ben Carson Discusses His New Book At National Press Club Event In Washington

Now Dutch Lawmaker Links Paris Massacre To Israel-Arab Conflict

JERUSALEM – Following yesterday’s report that the Swedish Foreign Minister had linked the Paris massacre to Palestinian “despair,” more European leaders have joined in, claiming that terrorism against France is due to Palestinian “frustration” and the world should pray for France

Dutch Socialist Party (SP) Jan Marijnissen

Paris Massacre Mastermind: ‘It Is Nice To See The Blood Of Infidels’

TEL AVIV, Israel – An eerie video has surfaced in which the suspected mastermind behind the Paris massacre, Abdelhamid Abaaoud – aka “Abu Omar Al-Belgiki” – praises the “sweetness of martyrdom” and expresses joy at seeing the “blood of infidels.”

Paris Massacre