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Greece Arrests Three Suspected Migrant Smugglers

ROME (AP) — Greek authorities say they have arrested three men on suspicion of ferrying 69 refugees or migrants on a yacht to the island of Zakynthos off the western coast of Greece’s mainland.


Migrant Smugglers Make As Much As £400,000 Per Boat

A new report has revealed that people smugglers in the Mediterranean may be making as much as £400,000 for every ship that crosses the sea to Europe. The people smuggling business in North Africa may be more lucrative than many have

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Migrant Drownings Up As Smugglers Come To Rely On Rescue Vessels

The number of migrants deaths in the Mediterranean has increased sharply this year, even as the overall number of migrants making the risky trip has fallen. The figures have been highlighted in a report by Amnesty International on human rights


EU Naval Mission Failing To Stop People-Smugglers, Say French MPs

The European Union (EU) task force in the Mediterranean is doing a “wonderful job” of rescuing illegal migrants at sea and escorting them to Europe, say French MPs, but failing to fulfil its primary role of tackling criminal people-smugglers. “Today


Cyprus Official Says 700 Migrants Could Land in Next Week

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Up to 700 migrants could arrive on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus next week on smuggling trips from Turkey, a top Cypriot official said Saturday, hours after 93 migrants landed in the dark on the island’s northwestern shore.


Smugglers Feeding Migrants Diesel To Calm Them During Sea Voyage

Smugglers who transport migrants from North Africa across the Mediterranean to Europe are said to have given many of them a mixture of diesel and other substances to keep them quiet. A new report ffrommedical staff at the University of

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Smugglers To Be Charged With Death of 71 Migrants in Lorry

Eight men are currently awaiting trial in a Hungarian court after an intense investigation led to their arrests for the deaths of some 71 migrants who died in a truck last year along the side of the road. During the


Migrant Traffickers Arrested Across Italy, Hungary, And Slovenia

MILAN, Aug 6 (Reuters) – Police in Italy, Hungary and Slovenia on Saturday arrested four people in a coordinated operation targeting a group suspected of smuggling illegal migrants into Italy from the Balkans, Italian police said.