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Former Aston Villa Player Killed by Police Taser

LONDON (Reuters) – Tributes poured in for former English premier league striker Dalian Atkinson on Monday after he died when police fired a high-voltage Taser stun-gun at him during an incident in his home town. West Mercia police said officers

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Poll: Americans’ Satisfaction with U.S. Plummets by 12 Percentage Points Over a Single Month

Gallup reports that just 17 percent of Americans are satisfied with the status quo in the U.S., down 12 percentage points from the 29 percent satisfaction rate the polling firm logged in June. The 12 percent point decline is one of the the largest drops in satisfaction over a single month since Gallup first started gauging monthly satisfaction levels in 2001.

Hundreds of people line up to attend a job fair on April 18, 2013 at the Holiday Inn in Midtown in New York City. The event was held by National Career Fairs which expected some 700 job seekers would come to meet 20 potential employers. (Photo by

Policeman Dies After Shootout With Robbery Migrant

An Austrian policeman has died days after a shootout between Bosnian migrants and Vienna police during an armed robbery gone wrong. Twenty-three-year-old Vienna police officer Daniel S. died Tuesday evening after succumbing to wounds inflicted by a Bosnian migrant gunman

This picture taken in Vienna on September 6, 2012 shows a sign of the Polizei, Austria's Police department.

L.A. Sheriff: Man Shot ‘on the Ground’ in Lynwood Was Armed

On December 13, the Los Angeles Country Sheriff’s Department released photos and video to suggest that the suspect shot and killed by deputies in Lynwood on Saturday had a gun and continued to point it even after being shot and falling to the ground.

Lynwood shooting (L.A. County Sheriff via Associated Press)