Rick Santorum Defends Donald Trump over 9-11 Comment

GOP presidential candidate former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is defending Donald Trump after backlash from the media and fellow GOP candidate former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on his comment about 9-11 happening under President George W. Bush.

Santorum APJ. Scott Applewhite

Woodward: Bush Did Not Lie About WMD, He Was ‘Skeptical’

This weekend on Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace,” veteran journalist Bob Woodward said former President George W. Bush did not lie about Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein  having weapons of mass distraction in the buildup to the


Kanye West ‘Apologizes’ to George W. Bush

Tuesday at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, while receiving an honorary doctorate, Kanye West gave a seemingly incoherent speech and referenced his post-Hurricane Katrina 2005 comments about then-President George W. Bush when during a telethon on live TV, standing