Roy Spencer

Delingpole: Climate Mafia Caught Tampering With Evidence Again…

If you want to know what’s really going on with global warming watch this video by Tony Heller. It’s called The Ministry of Climate Truth – Erasing The Satellite Data and tells a story so shameful that if the mainstream media ever did their job none of the shysters involved would ever be able to show their heads in public again.

One of some of 30,000 people demonstrates on December 12, 2009 in the center of Copenhagen to turn up the heat on world leaders debating global warming at the UN climate conference. Some 300 youths shrouded in black threw bricks and smashed windows during the demonstration, prompting swift arrests as …

Now Shameless Warmists Nobble The Satellite Temperature Record

Climate alarmists have found an even more brilliant solution to the ‘problem’ of the satellite data which show there has been no global warming for nearly 19 years. A couple of months ago, you’ll recall, they merely claimed that the

People hold placards as they demonstrate during the United Nations conference on climate change (COP21) in Le Bourget on December 11, 2015