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San Antonio ISD

Feds Charge Texas School Board Member in 7-Year Bribery, Kickback Scheme

Federal agents escorted a handcuffed Texas school board member into court to face a judge over her purported seven-year involvement in a bribery and kickback scheme. She allegedly accepted gifts in exchange for her vote to try to secure health insurance contracts for school district employees.

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Tuberculosis Surfaces at Texas High School

Health officials confirmed a case of tuberculosis (TB) at a San Antonio high school, although they are not saying if “patient zero” is a student, staff, or faculty member or if this is an isolated incident of the highly contagious bacterial lung infection.

tb, tuberculosis

Student Celebrates Fame After School Cop Fired for Body Slamming Her

A Texas school district fired the campus police officer caught on tape allegedly body slamming a 12-year-old girl. They cited inconsistencies between the officer’s report of the incident and a 30-second cellphone video which captured it. Meanwhile, the purported victim appeared to brag about her newfound fame and fortune over social media following a national news appearance related to the incident.


Texas School Investigates Possible Excessive Police Force in Viral Video

A Texas public school district launched an investigation into a possible case of excessive force following the release of a cellphone video that captured one of its police officers struggling to restrain a sixth grade female student. It then appeared he slammed her to the ground.