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Sen. Susan Collins (R.-Maine)

Vote-a-Rama Ends with Senate Passing Obamacare Repeal

The senate passed the continuing resolution, S. Con.Res. 3, that tears away the fees, taxes and subsidies from the 201o Patient Protection and Affordable Cart Act, Obamacare, shortly after 1:25 Thursday morning, 51-to-48.


Exclusive–Sen. Richard Shelby: Democrats ‘Did Not Lay a Glove’ on Jeff Sessions

The Alabama Republican senator, who “introduced” Sen. Jeff B. Sessions III (R.-Ala.) to the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday told Breitbart News he was thrilled to stand by his friend. The senator watched as President-elect Donald J. Trump’s attorney general nominee handled himself with poise and intelligence during the day’s confirmation hearing.

Trump Attorney General