Rio Grande ‘Splashdown’ Yields $1M Marijuana Seizure

Fleeing drug smugglers executed a “splashdown” into the Rio Grande River border with Mexico leaving behind nearly $1 million worth of marijuana. Pursuing Border Patrol agents seized the drugs before they could be retrieved by smugglers on the Mexican side of the river.

BORSTAR Agents assist in recovery of pickup truck

Cartels Used Makeshift Raft to Smuggle Drug-Loaded Trucks Across Texas Border

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — Drug cartels in Mexico are once again changing tactics in order to get their drugs into the United States. The most recent innovation was discovered when federal authorities found a large makeshift raft that traffickers were using to float vehicles, fully loaded with drugs, across the Rio Grande and into the U.S.

Cartel Seizure

Cartel Smugglers Ran to Mexico, Left Behind 1,400 Pounds of Drugs

Two drug smugglers fleeing from Border Patrol agents left behind 1,400 pounds of drugs as they jumped out of their SUV and ran into Mexico. The seizure took place Monday near the border town of Los Indios, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the U.S. Border Patrol revealed.

Bundles of marijuana inside suburban

Smugglers Changing Tactics in Laredo Sector of Texas Border

More than 130 pounds of marijuana was seized on Wednesday morning when U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Laredo South Sector discovered a vehicle leaving a known smuggling area along the Rio Grande River. The driver led agents on a short chase and crashed back into the river in what is described as a “splashdown” event. Breitbart Texas has learned this is a new technique for smugglers in the Laredo sector.

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