Kotaku, Famous For Spoiling Games, Complains About Star Wars Spoilers

Kotaku, everyone’s favourite social justice-oriented video games blog, is upset about spoilers. The outlet, part of the Gawker network, recently tweeted a angry, righteous condemnation of Star Wars spoilers from their official Facebook page.             The post was signed “Stephen,”

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Blast ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Spoilers with These Apps

In the spirit of Harry Potter bookstore trolls and generally irritating people the world over, lots of folks are scrambling to post spoilers for the newest episode of the epic Star Wars saga. Fortunately, there’s help to be found in avoiding them.


Can ‘Limitless’ Work as a Weekly TV Show? It Can with Enough NZT

Confession: The 2011 film Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro, is one of my favorite films of the last 5 years. In fact, I became a little obsessed with it to the point that I bought the script to see how it differed from the finished film.


Viewers Upset after Emmys Run Spoiler-Filled Montage

Viewers who still have the final season of Boardwalk Empire sitting on their TiVo to-watch list were fuming Sunday night after the Emmy awards aired a montage that spoiled the finales of several popular shows.

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