Synod on the Family

Did Bishops ‘Defeat’ Pope Francis in Vatican Synod?

In spite of sensational media claims that Pope Francis suffered a major “defeat” at the hands of conservative bishops during the recently concluded synod on the family, all evidence suggests that the Pope got exactly what he wanted: a frank debate on the situation of Christian families in the world today and how the Church can more effectively serve them.

Pope Francis (C) leads a mass for the opening of the synod on the family on October 4, 2015 at St Peter's basilica in Vatican. Pope Francis opened a gathering of bishops intended to review Catholic teaching on the family against a backdrop of controversy over homosexuality. The church's second …

800,000 Petition Pope to Clarify Church Teaching on Marriage and Family

In the lead-up to October’s Vatican Synod on Marriage and the Family, the drafters express their deep concern over what they see as “widespread confusion” over the possibility of divorced and remarried Catholics receiving Holy Communion as well as the acceptance of homosexual unions, which they describe as “contrary to Divine and natural law.” On Tuesday morning, the petition was delivered to the Vatican, requesting that Francis offer “a clarifying word” to dispel the confusion that reigns among many of the faithful around the globe.

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