Syria Refugees

Refugees From Syria Among Thousands Who Fled Canadian Fire

The New York Times reports: EDMONTON, Alberta — As evacuees from the Fort McMurray wildfire arrive at shelters, hotels and homes of friends here, many say they now have a taste of what a wave of refugees experienced in Syria before they made it to Canada a few months ago.

A young girl sits on a cot at a makeshift evacuee center in Lac la Biche, Alberta after fleeing forest fires north of Fort McMurray

Media Fail: 56% of Americans Now Want Fewer Refugees

After months of a coordinated DC Media campaign to emotionally blackmail and shame Americans into turning against Donald Trump and the Republican Party as a whole over the issue of refugees, a Wall Street Journal poll shows that a clear


Feds Fumble Terrorist Visa: DC Media Demagogues Owe America An Apology

Over valid concerns about the ability of our serially-incompetent Federal  government to properly vet a population of Syrian refugees ISIS has pledged to seed with terrorists, the DC Media went on a demagogic rampage accusing Republicans, and even the American


CO, VT, CT: Dem Governors Want Syrian Refugees

Although 52% of Americans believe accepting Syrian refuges will make America less safe, and the F.B.I. has admitted they cannot vet all of these refugees for terror ties, Democrat governors in Colorado, Vermont, and Connecticut have told President Obama that

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