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Transitioning Transgender Soldiers’ Medical Expenses 14 Times Higher than Average

Critics of President Donald Trump’s decision to bar transgender Americans from serving in the U.S. armed forces are citing a 2016 RAND Corporation study that, they claim, refutes “the idea that transgender soldiers are somehow expensive, or that they undermine the morale and cohesion of the military over all,” as the New Yorker put it.

Transgender soldiers rally (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

UK Govt To Businesses: Employ More Transgender Staff Now!

The British Government’s ‘conservative’ Minister for Women and Equalities, Nicky Morgan, today announced two new sets of guidelines demanding special treatment in private business for both transgendered employees and customers. The documents encourage business to change their “culture”, allow people


No Men in Ladies’ Restrooms, Say MLB All-Star Berkman and Houston Texans Owner McNair

HOUSTON, Texas — Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, and former Houston Astros and six-time MLB All-Star player Lance Berkman, are opposing an ordinance that would allow transgendered men to use women’s restrooms in Houston. The ordinance has been dubbed by the chairman of the Harris County, Texas, Republican Party as “Mayor Parker’s Sexual Predator Protection Act.”

Ladies Restroom Sign