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Trinity Church Asking Supreme Court to Intervene on Walmart Gun Sales

On April 14 Breitbart News reported that Walmart won an appeal against NYC’s Trinity Church in which Trinity was trying to force Walmart to allow a shareholder vote on the sales of “high capacity guns” and “other potentially offensive products” as a way to force Wal-Mart’s board to rethink the sales of these items.

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Third Circuit Court of Appeals Sides with Wal-Mart: No Ban on ‘High Cap’ Mag Sales

On April 8, Breitbart News reported Wal-Mart was awaiting a verdict in their appeal of a case brought against them by NYC’s Trinity Church. The suit was filed to force Wal-Mart to allow shareholders to vote on the sale of “high capacity guns”–which are guns, like the AR-15, that take “high capacity” magazines.


Wal-Mart Awaits Verdict in Suit Seeking Ban on Sale of ‘High Capacity Guns’

On December 1 Breitbart News reported on a suit NYC’s Trinity Church brought against Wal-Mart to force the retailer to allow shareholders to vote on the sale of “high capacity guns.” These are guns that take “high capacity” magazines, the sale of which Trinity Church also opposes.