UK referendum

Pope Francis: Brexit Was ‘The Will of the People’

In a brief interview with journalists aboard the papal plane to Armenia this weekend, Pope Francis touched on the recent UK referendum in which citizens opted to withdraw from the European Union (EU), saying that it represented “the will of the people.”

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Soros: EU Decline Post-Brexit “Practically Inevitable”

‘Brexit’ makes the decline of the European Union (EU) “practically inevitable”, George Soros has written in an op-ed for Project Syndicate. The leftist, open borders billionaire also praised German Chancellor Merkel’s gesture to open the EU’s border as “inspiring”. The


Brexit ‘Scare Games’: Africa Is Doomed

In the immediate wake of the UK referendum to get out of the European Union (EU), a flurry of articles have appeared, warning the world of the dire consequences to be expected now that Great Britain will be governing itself again.

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