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Paris Climate Change Activists ‘Desecrate’ Memorial To Terror Victims

Climate change activists at the United Nations COP21 environmental summit have been condemned for wrecking the public memorial to the Paris attacks victims. Over 300 climate change activists, left-wing extremists and fellow travelers were arrested yesterday as violence broke out in the Place de

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British Public Increasingly Sceptical Of Man-Made Climate Change, Poll Finds

A poll published on the eve of the United Nations COP21 environment summit suggests the British public is increasingly sceptical of the case for man-made climate change. The Sky Data survey shows almost one in five Britons believes natural processes as opposed to man-made

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Climate Change And Conflict, A Perfect Storm

Violence has cast a long shadow over a climate summit opening in Paris on Monday, two weeks after 130 people were killed in a coordinated jihadist onslaught on the French capital. As more than 150 world leaders prepared to meet

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Governor ‘Big Oil Brown’ Jets Off to Paris Climate Summit

With a whistle-blower leveraging the scandal regarding use of state staff to apparently evaluate geological data for the profitability of “fracking” on his private land, California Governor “Big Oil Brown” is headed for the limelight at the Paris climate change summit.