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VANERSBORG, SWEDEN - FEBRUARY 12: A refugee walks on the hallway of his building of the Sweden's largest temporary camp for refugges at the former psychiatric hospital Restad Gard on February 12, 2016 in Vanersborg, Sweden. Last year Sweden received 162,877 asylum applications, more than any European country proportionate to …

Asylum Seeker Suicides On the Rise in Sweden

Several asylum seekers in Sweden have killed themselves in recent weeks, and the government has held a crisis meeting to find the cause and deal with the issue. Five asylum seekers have taken their lives in Sweden, three of them


600 ‘Underage’ Migrants Turn Out to Be Adults

The Danish government has revealed that of the suspected 800 “underage” asylum seekers they believed to be lying about their age, 600 of them were adults according to medical tests.

MUNICH, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 13: Migrants and refugees protesting against deportation and for better conditions camp out next to Sendlinger Tor city gate on September 13, 2016 in Munich, Germany. Approximately 50 men from countries including Pakistan and Congo are threatening to launch a hunger strike if their demand to …

Nearly 1,000 ‘Child’ Migrants Caught Lying About Age

The Austrian government has been medically assessing ‘underage’ migrants if they are suspected to be lying about their age. So far, 951 migrants who claimed to be children were found to be adults.


Islamists Recruiting Underage Migrants In Asylum Homes

The German Federal government has released new statistics that show radical Salafist Muslim preachers are targeting underage migrants and trying to recruit them. New statistics obtained from the Interior Ministry by German media shows that the government believes that the