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Tom Trento from The United West Talks About Orlando and Radical Islam

Tom Trento talks about what he experienced in the hours following the shooting, how he recognizes a terrorist attack, and some of the precedents to this shooting. Trento and his team quickly got to Orlando and helped provide coverage for Breitbart News.

Orlando Police officers direct family members away from a fatal shooting at Pulse Orlando nightclub in Orlando, Fla. June 12, 2016.

THE UNITED WEST: Exclusive Video — Terrorist Killed in Tel-Aviv

TheUnitedWest.org has obtained never before seen footage of the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv where a devout Muslim went on a crazed Jihad stabbing fest in Israel wounding a dozen and killing one American. This video shows the end result

BB Tel-Aviv

Santorum: Obama-Clinton Caused SEAL Six Deaths

(THE UNITED WEST) In an interview, former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), a candidate for the 2016 GOP nomination, placed the deaths of 15 special forces operators and 15 members SEAL TEAM Six squarely upon the former Secretary of State Hillary

Rick Santorum Pic 3

United West: War Declared — Beck vs Rove, Norquist and GOP

(THE UNITED WEST) An all out knock down drag out media war has broken out between Glenn Beck vs. Grover Norquist and Karl Rove and the GOP. Glenn has threatened to revoke his NRA membership if Grover Norquist, a Muslim

Beck BB