W. Mitt Romney

America Rising’s Colin Reed: Clintons Live at the Intersection of Money and Politics

The executive director of America Rising, a conservative political research organization, told Breitbart News Daily host Matthew Boyle that Democrat Hillary R. Clinton lost to President-elect Donald J. Trump because voters were uncomfortable with her corrupt dealings between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.


Michigan GOP Operative: ‘Trump Is Rocking and Rolling Here’

“Trump is rocking and rolling here,” said Roe, who after working on Capitol Hill returned to Macomb County, Michigan to start his own consulting firm, Grand River Strategies. Roe and his partner are working on three Michigan congressional races, a state Supreme Court justice race and two county-wide contests.

Supporters cheer for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as he takes the stage during a campaign rally at the Deltaplex Arena October 31, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Wisconsin Polls Show Tight Presidential Race: Clinton Leads Trump by 3-5 Points

Two polls show the presidential campaign f0r the Badger State’s ten electoral votes now closer than President Barack Obama’s seven-point margin over Republican Mitt Romney in 2012, with Democrat Hillary Clinton leading Republican Donald Trump by five points in the Monmouth University poll and three points in the Marquette University poll.