Bloomberg: ‘Breitbart News Is Preparing To Troll Tech’


From Bloomberg Businessweek:

Breitbart News has spent most of the last decade assaulting what it sees as the sacred cows worshiped by liberals in government, journalism, and Hollywood. Now it is turning to Big Tech. On Tuesday, the right-wing news site is launching Breitbart Tech, a new section of its website focused on technology.

The site has hired six full-time staffers dedicated to subjects like e-sports and free speech on the Internet. Expect not to see much coverage on, say, the economics of venture capital, and a lot on the simmering culture wars that happen in the far corners of Reddit. There will also be plenty of [technology editor Milo] Yiannopoulos himself. His writing generally casts himself as the protagonist, and his articles tend to start off with phrases like, “I’m a slut, and I have been shamed,” or “I am always right.” A Fusion profile referred to him as the “ultimate troll.”

Most of Yiannopoulos’s tech reporting for Breitbart has focused on Gamergate, the year-long controversy over gender in gaming. The mainstream media has mostly covered the movement as a semi-organized campaign of harassment against prominent women in video games (Bloomberg Businessweek ran a cover story on the controversy last November). On Monday, the organizers of the South by Southwest conference cancelled two panels on gender in gaming, citing unspecified threats of violence.

He’s against net neutrality, offers a general unease with government spying, and says the basic underlying theme of the coverage is supporting the right of people to say whatever they want. “We’re totally going to get into this stuff. Breitbart is going to be free speech central,” he said.

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