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Technology and gaming journalism is sick, but Breitbart has the medicine.

Breitbart News has been publishing industry-leading journalism about technology, video games and internet culture for some time. We led the world in truthful reporting about GamerGate, coined the terms “Reddit Revolt” and cultural libertarianism, warned readers about sex robots, took on the block bots and bullies of tech and highlighted the crippling flaws in the United Nations’s “cyber violence” report while other outlets lazily applauded it.

Today, we’re announcing a huge roll-out of that coverage and significant new investment in turning Breitbart News into one of the leading names in global tech and gaming journalism.

Breitbart Tech is a brand new vertical dedicated to coverage of tech, gaming, and web culture. We’re going to report on the stories no one else dares to touch, hold power to account and stick up for the people others lie about and slander. Deputy Managing Editor Noah Dulis has been chosen to head up our news and reviews operation, while Milo Yiannopoulos has today been promoted to Technology Editor of Breitbart News, and will oversee the new channel’s general direction and its comment, analysis and investigations.

12115790_10205099232295943_3669427505802647685_n copyMILO YIANNOPOULOS

Milo is one of Europe’s best-known journalists and broadcasters. A former technology columnist for the UK’s Daily Telegraph, Yiannopoulos also founded The Kernel, a highly influential technology magazine. He has been responsible for groundbreaking stories on some of the biggest issues in technology, videogames, and internet culture, including the GamerGate controversy, and is a go-to commentator on a wide range of hot-button cultural issues in print and on television. 


Noah is the Deputy Managing Editor for Breitbart News and has been with the company since 2012. Noah’s been playing games for as long as he can remember, from his earliest memories of his parents’ Apple IIe to creating boot disks and figuring out the command prompt for MS-DOS in grade school to upgrading his first PC to a whopping 32 MB of RAM to meet the system requirements for Ground Control. Since starting with Breitbart News as an Associate Editor, he has worked on covering gaming news and reviews for the site and pushed for a dedicated space for gaming, tech, and geek news.  

Together, we’ll take aim at some of the tech world’s most sacred cows. We’ve already done quite a bit of that over the past year, but now it will become a central part of what Breitbart does every day: we’re moving in on gaming, Silicon Valley, artificial intelligence, the private sector space race, hacking, robotics and all the associated ethical and social issues.

We’ll examine the relationships between Google, Facebook, Apple, and world governments: who’s spending money in Washington, and on what? And why is Silicon Valley, for all its professed social justice credentials, sucking up to China? And we’ll tackle important free speech questions: why are social media sites so happy to censor and ban conservative commentators for making jokes about feminists while allowing ISIS members to recruit on their platforms?

Like some other sites, Breitbart Tech will stand at the crossroads of science, technology, gaming, and web culture. But if you’re expecting a right-wing version of Buzzfeed or VICE’s Motherboard, think again. We won’t shy away from stories that don’t fit within a politically-correct narrative. Expect scandalous stories from Silicon Valley’s biggest companies and hard-hitting features on the rapid decline of freedom and free speech on the web.

Breitbart Tech will peer into the deepest recesses of internet subcultures and report on what we find there without fear or favour, all the while hewing to robust values of freedom and free speech. It’s going to drive the hand-wringing social justice warriors of the tech industries and their weaselly, sycophantic press out of their minds. Readers, we are sure, are going to love it.

Tech and gaming journalism is broken. It has become an echo chamber, repeating the myths of progressive elites and ignoring big stories. It has become hostile to its own readers, shutting down comment sections and labelling readers “trolls” simply for disagreeing with the pronouncements of underqualified and uninspiring new media bloggers.

Some outlets and commentators are so unnerved by web freedom that they’re dreaming up new ways to suppress it. But Breitbart Tech will embrace internet subcultures, trends, and communities and explain to everyone else what makes them so special. We will stick up for anonymity, freedom of expression and creativity and against authoritarians, censors, language police and overbearing progressive hand-wringing.

Breitbart News has a long history of calling out pearl-clutching and dishonesty in mainstream media coverage. Breitbart Tech will be no different. We will continue to report on the hypocrisy and gross ethical failures of the tech and gaming media establishment and their credulous attitude to reporting on important cultural trends.

What to read

Our lead story today is an exclusive interview with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who shares his views on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and the internet.

When he’s not interviewing the most famous people in the world, Milo Yiannopoulos steps with delicacy and tact into sensitive sociopolitical debates. Today he asks why so many female tech CEOs are disappointments and frauds, christening the current generation of underperformers “the She-E-Os.” (It works better out loud, he insists.)

He also takes aim at the SXSW conference in Austin for chickening out of hosting crucial debates about the gaming industry and asks why publications that are forever banging on about diversity and representation in video games do so little to report on real-world progress in widening access to the games industry.

Allum Bokhari has identified a new enemy of the left-wing media: their own readers. He explains why authoritarian progressives are closing the comment sections on their websites and running scared from public opinion. Elsewhere, Yiannopoulos and Bokhari team up to defend online anonymity and explain why some liberals are so terrified of free speech on the internet.

The prolific Bokhari also presents an essay on why Americans should be worried about their government’s attitude to free speech and some thoughts on where artificial intelligence is taking us.

Continuing our political coverage, columnist Lizzy Finnegan wonders why women are being forced into careers in tech against their wishes, while Sabrina Lianne confesses to the ultimate social justice sin: she’s a cultural appropriator!

If you’re into long reads, we’ve got an introduction to eSports, the most exciting entertainment medium of the future, by veteran reporter Richard Lewis, who also provides an inside look into Riot Games, one of the major players in the space. Also in gaming we present a review of Ironcast by Will Ross and an assessment of Rock Band 4 by Nate Church.

Finally, of course, don’t miss the backbone of our operation: our regular news-breaking service headed up by deputy managing editor Noah Dulis and manned by Will, Nate and Allum with help from Breitbart’s global network of staff writers and contributors, which you can always find lower down on the Breitbart Tech homepage.

OK, what now?

You can check out the core Breitbart Tech team here. Expect to see some familiar faces as well as several brand new hires, including rising stars of tech journalism, a veteran esports reporter and a raft of sharp, eager new voices.

On Wednesday night, join us for an epic six-hour livestream with the entire Breitbart Tech writing team and a raft of familiar faces from YouTube and personalities from some of the biggest internet culture and free speech controversies of the last twelve months. More on that tomorrow.

Oh, one last thing! On Friday this week, tune in for the return of fan favourite RADIO NERO, a weekly podcast about tech, gaming, internet culture and free speech online with Milo Yiannopoulos, co-hosted by Allum Bokhari. Sit tight for more news on that.

The demand from geeks, gamers, and web users for an alternative voice in tech media has never been greater. Breitbart Tech will meet that demand, as we have done is so many other areas of news coverage, with uniquely smart, funny, irreverent coverage. Sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

Follow @BreitbartTech on Twitter and Facebook. Press enquiries and interview requests about the launch of Breitbart Tech should be sent to milo@breitbart.com. Original artwork by Ben Garrison



Breitbart News Launches New Tech Vertical Under Editor Milo Yiannopoulos

LOS ANGELES, U.S.A.—Breitbart News Network today announces the launch of Breitbart Tech, a new vertical covering technology, science, internet culture and video games. The new content channel will feature breaking news and provocative commentary on new technology, startups, space, artificial intelligence, online communities and video games that challenges the progressive status quo.

The vertical will be co-edited by Milo Yiannopoulos, one of Europe’s best-known journalists and broadcasters. A former technology columnist for the UK’s Daily Telegraph, Yiannopoulos also founded The Kernel, a highly influential technology magazine. He has been responsible for groundbreaking stories on some of the biggest issues in technology, videogames, and internet culture, including the GamerGate controversy, and is a go-to commentator on a wide range of hot-button cultural issues in print and on television.

Joining Milo Yiannopoulos as co-editor of Breitbart Tech is Noah Dulis, the site’s Deputy Managing Editor. Dulis joined Breitbart News in 2012 as an associate editor and has covered gaming news and reviews at Breitbart. He worked closely with Yiannopoulos on the site’s coverage of the #GamerGate movement and will be heading up Breitbart Tech’s news and reviews operation with a specially-hired team of eager young reporters. Dulis has been instrumental in building the success of Breitbart.com’s popular and influential homepage.

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow said today: “At Breitbart, we fight battles others won’t take on, and we cover stories that no one else will touch. The establishment is running scared of the Wild West of the internet, closing its comment sections and insulting its readers. Breitbart is a powerful voice to defend the freedoms of ordinary people and we have found the perfect two editors to expand our groundbreaking coverage into technology and gaming.”

Breitbart President and CEO Larry Solov said: “One of our founding principles at Breitbart is that culture is upstream from politics. That used to mean film, TV, and music, but now there is no greater influence on culture than technology and we have assembled the right team to tackle this dynamic subject in a way that only Breitbart can.”

Noah Dulis, who will run the new vertical’s news and reviews content, added: “We have a great opportunity to serve an audience who feels their interests in the technology and gaming fields are being subverted by media ideologues who care more about pushing political messaging than informing readers about the topics they care about.”

Milo Yiannopoulos, who will manage Breitbart Tech’s features, comment and multimedia, said: “There has never been a more fascinating time to report on tech, but there’s also a disappointing level of conformity and groupthink in mainstream tech and gaming journalism. Everyone sounds the same, hand-wringing about diversity quotas instead of charting the extraordinary changes human society is going through thanks to entrepreneurs, innovators, designers and developers. Breitbart will be different.”

Founded in 2005 by conservative icon Andrew Breitbart, Breitbart News Network, with its 105 million page views and 20 million unique visitors per month, is the biggest source of breaking news and analysis, thought-leading commentary, and original reporting curated and written specifically for the new generation of independent and conservative thinkers.

Breitbart Tech is a new vertical from Breitbart News covering tech, gaming and internet culture. Bookmark breitbart.com/tech and follow @BreitbartTech on Twitter and Facebook.


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