PC Gamers Better At Sex Than Console Peasants, Says Study


PC gamers are better at sex than console peasants, says a new study conducted by MyVoucherCodes – with just 3 per cent of Playstation owners rated “excellent” in bed by their partners.

The study, which asked a variety of questions to different people about their hobbies and habits, concluded that on average, those who primarily play games on the PC have better sex than their plebeian, console-playing competition.

2,747 partners were polled according to Peekwho broke the news, and after asking the couples what they primarily used to play games on, they were then asked to rate their partner in the bedroom.

Just 11 per cent of those asked said that their partners were “excellent,” followed by 27 per cent for “good”, 26 per cent for “average,” and 20 per cent for “below average.” According to Peek, once these results were broken down and analysed, it was discovered that the PC Master Race were rated the highest with 54 per cent being rated by their partner as “good” or above.

Xbox gamers came second at 47 per cent, whilst PlayStation gamers fared the worst with only 3 per cent being rated as “excellent.”

Couples were also asked about the frequency of bedroom action in contrast to hours spent gaming. The results showed that 21 per cent of people preferred more sex and less gaming, while an admirably committed 11 per cent wished for less sex and more gaming.

Apparently those stereotypes about gamers being sad virgins aren’t true at all – at least not for 89 per cent of us.


Charlie Nash is a British libertarian writer, memeologist, and child prodigy. You can follow him on Twitter here @MrNashington.