Gamers Can Choose Between Nuclear Disarmament or Mutually Assured Destruction in ‘Metal Gear Solid V’


Gamers are trying to achieve Hideo Kojima’s dream of global nuclear disarmament — in Metal Gear Solid V.

Last week, Konami formally revealed a secret nuclear disarmament event in Metal Gear Solid V. Data miners previously unearthed the “Nuclear Abolitionist” event, which was later posted to YouTube. Until now, no one seemed to seriously consider that it would actually happen.

Yesterday, Konami posted numbers for the various platorms’ progress toward eradicating the virtual nuclear threat.

Last generation’s Xbox 360 — with only 35 remaining nukes — leads the charge, although it’s unclear whether this is due to the lower player count on the older console. Players on the Xbox One (52 left) are following the Xbox 360 closely, however, so maybe Xbox gamers in general are more open to world peace. Both PlayStation audiences, at 140 and 188 for PS3 and PS4 respectively, are making a fair showing, too.

As for PC gamers? Mutually assured destruction is still the order of the day. 11,473 fingers are still hovering over the big red button as of Konami’s latest report. That’s nearly as many nuclear weapons as actually exist in the world.

Will every single nuclear weapon actually be disabled on any of the platforms, or is there a giddy troll just waiting to unleash radioactive Hell onto his online rivals? Only time will tell.

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