Virtue Signalling: Mark Zuckerberg Declares Muslims Welcome on Facebook

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

In answer to a question that no one anywhere is asking, Mark Zuckerberg has proclaimed that no, he will not be banning Muslims from Facebook.

Good news, everyone! If you were waiting to find out whether the billionaire who is donating his entire fortune to himself would also take a firm stance on the issue of whether to continue doing exactly what he is already doing, your wish has been granted.

Zuckerberg announced his support through his site, marking a decisive end to a controversy that I couldn’t find any evidence of. While the US Senate decides whether he will be required to report on theoretical terrorist activities through his network — for reference, that’s what an actual controversy looks like — Mr. Zuckerberg has firmly established that he will continue to not ban millions of his customer base.

While the move is sure to earn him some public affection, the gesture comes off as an attempt to “me-too” onto strong currents of public outcry in response to the recent terrorist attack in San Bernadino. If co-opting such events into free publicity seems a bit sleazy, remember who we’re talking about.

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