Sir Tim Hunt To Leave Britain: How Feminists Chased Away One of Britain’s Geniuses

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Feminists have chased away one of Britain’s finest scientific minds. Sir Tim Hunt, the Nobel prize-winning scientist who was forced to resign from an honorary professorship at University College London (UCL) after false allegations of sexism is now set to leave Britain for Japan.

Hunt was accused of sexism after aggrieved progressive journalists took Hunt’s ironic, self-deprecating comments about being a “chauvinist monster” and presented them as genuine. One of the journalists, Connie St Louis, was later found to have a history of exaggerated claims – most notably on her CV.

A recording of Hunt’s speech eventually exonerated him, revealing not only that his comments were a joke, but that he had also gone on to praise the achievements of women in science. The President of the Royal Society eventually conceded that Hunt should not have had to resign, and had been the victim of a “Twitter and Media storm.”

Hunt said he had been “hung out to dry” by UCL, who had given him the choice of resigning or being fired.

Sir Tim, along with his wife, Professor Mary Collins, are now planning to leave their long-time home in Hertfordshire and move to Japan, a country far removed from western panics about sexism.

Collins, who has been offered a 5-year position at a Japanese University, said she had applied for the job before the Tim Hunt incident, but a friend of the family told the Daily Telegraph that the sexism row had played a significant role in their decision to move.

“They have been up and down, even quite recently”, the unnamed friend told The Telegraph.  “They have been emotionally affected by it. They have had a lot of criticism, he’s had invitations to talk at conferences withdrawn on the grounds he’s not a suitable person, or if he appeared it might produce a reaction, backlash or protest.”

In Japan, Sir Tim and Professor Collins will likely find a respite from the culture wars and gender politics of the west. Indeed, some Japanese game developers are even avoiding western markets due to panics about sexism, highlighting the growing cultural differences between Japan and the west – at least on gender issues.

Unsurprisingly, this makes Japan an attractive location for those seeking to escape the hysterical culture wars of the west. Yes, that’s right: feminists have caused a brain drain. Thanks to them, Britain has lost two accomplished scientists to Japan.

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