Toy Plane Makes Sounds Of Islamic Prayer Instead Of Airplane Noises


In these fear-struck times, shouting “Allah hu akhbar” on a plane is probably inadvisable. But what about toy planes that make similar sounds?

A 3-year old in Whatcom County, Washington, was no doubt happy to receive a toy plane for Christmas. What kid doesn’t like toy planes? However, it was quickly discovered that instead of making airplane noises, the plane’s sound effect was, bizarrely, an Islamic call to prayer.

This doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident, either. The toy’s Amazon page reveals the following reviews:

“Very loud Middle Eastern chanting and music! It’s weird and scary! This is a very un-American product! I was expecting jet noises, NOT this!” 

“Someone I know has a child who got this plane as a gift and it plays some weird middle-eastern chanting noise. THAT is crazy and the company needs to look into this issue.”

“Not as advertised. Does not play jet noises. Plays an Arabic chant that is extremely bizarre for a child’s toy.” 

At least one customer seemed satisfied with the product…

I have been wanting to convert my 3 year old son to Islam for a long time and haven’t been able to motivate him to do so. This toy is great it lights up, has a prayer from the Qur’an in Arabic and fun for the whole family! The quality is good for a toy made in plastic and color is great. Thanks for reading and allahu akbar!

Elsewhere, both non-Muslim parents and Muslims are upset about the toy. Bjorn Thorpe, who gave the gift to the child, told local news “I do respect other religions, but it’s not the right situation to have it on a children’s toy.”

Nadeem Israr, president of the Islamic Society of Whatcom County, also objected. “This is a prayer you’re supposed to say when you’re performing Hajj,” he said.

The toy company behind the planes, WolVol, claims their manufacturer shipped them a faulty batch of toys.

It could have been worse, of course. There are no reports of any safety issues with the toy planes. They don’t even explode!

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