Jeff Bezos Aiming for Academy Awards with Original Films on Amazon


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is one calmly-stroked white cat away from taking over the world. Now the billionaire wants to add The Academy Awards to his extensive list of conquests.

While the media salivates over Mark Zuckerberg’s “charitable” donations to himself, it appears they’ve found the perfect narrative antagonist. Jeff Bezos ticks every box — he’s inordinately wealthy, just as aggressive, and quickly taking his retail business into realms of which Wal-mart can only dream.

The founder, chairman, and CEO of Amazon has more infamy than fame, owing primarily to numerous reports of inhumane working conditions. Bezos didn’t “recognize” the Amazon described by countless employees, but seems to be doing as little as possible to remedy the situation.

Still, Bezos remains undaunted. He wants to win an Oscar, adding to a trophy case that already contains a couple of Emmy awards for the critically acclaimed web series Transparent. To do that, Amazon will attempt to produce “16 home movies a year.”

And while deft tax maneuvers and accounts of vein-bulging temper tantrums haven’t done Bezos any favors in the PR department, at least it doesn’t come with the sort self-righteous pontificating we’ve come to expect from other billionaires.

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