App Alerts Women to Stop Saying ‘Sorry’ at Work

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The Associated Press

NEW YORK, Jan 6 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Saying sorry might sound like good manners but a new app is helping women to stop apologizing so often that they undermine their authority, particularly in the workplace.

“Just Not Sorry” highlights each time a user types a key word or phrase such as “sorry,” “I think” or “I’m no expert” in email, said its creator Tami Reiss.

So far, 53,000 users have downloaded the free app, which can be used with Gmail on the Google Chrome web browser. It was launched Dec. 28, said Reiss, chief executive at Cyrus Innovation, a software development consultancy.

Other red-flag words on the app include “just,” “actually,” “does this make sense?” and “try,” she said, based on the premise that women use such terms to soften their demands at work or try to be likable and in so doing devalue themselves.

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