YouTube Red Bringing Original Shows, Movies to Subscribers

Robert Kyncl
The Associated Press

YouTube is joining Amazon and Netflix by offering exclusive original content for YouTube Red subscribers.

The diverse, dynamic creators behind these films have already built massive audiences on YouTube, rivaling many cable shows. With YouTube Red Originals, we want to help them tell bigger and bolder stories that delight you, their fans. YouTube Red is your opportunity to support the passion projects your favorite creators have only dreamed about until now.

First up, multimillionaire purveyor of eardrum shattering shrieks Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg will be putting himself in live horror game scenarios in Scare PewDiePie. Challenges will include smoke machines with scary confetti, mealworms on big rubber eggs, and wearing a helmet. If that’s too intense, Rooster Teeth has something lighter.

Lazer Team is a YouTube-exclusive science fiction movie, in which a group of brave one-liners get combined by some very excited guys, each wearing a piece of a battle suit that’s vital to saving the world. Alan Ritchson shows up, too. This one is wearing its silliness on its sleeve and the Internet dad jokes on its big glowing helmet.

If you’re not excited yet, consider Dance Camp. Nadji Jeter is “Hunter,” a guy who attends a summer dance camp, meets an attractive girl, and joins a scrappy dance crew to beat the Obviously Evil Dancers. In the process of this contest, he learns that “dance isn’t about competition.” Maybe. There’s definitely a lot of black light.

Last but not least, we’ve got a concert tour documentary for Lilly Singh. A Trip to Unicorn Island looks like the closest thing to an actual show that YouTube will be featuring, chronicling the first live tour for the rising YouTube artist. Singh asserts in the trailer that “happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life,” which should encourage a lot of people also trying to get internet famous.

According to YouTube, this is “just the beginning.” They have “lots more thrills, chills, LOLs, smiles, romances and surprises from more of your favorite YouTube stars coming later this year.” I’m preparing my pitch for The Comments Section Bachelor as we speak.

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