Mark Cuban: Hillary is ‘Technologically Illiterate’


Billionaire investor Mark Cuban has declared presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to be “technologically illiterate” in a new interview with WABC.

The influential businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team was asked a series of questions on presidential candidates in the interview with host Rita Cosby. When asked about Clinton’s email server controversy, Cuban stated that he thought Mrs. Clinton “simply didn’t know what she was doing” and used the server as a way to prevent receiving classified emails, despite it being clear that Clinton did receive classified emails.

“So, I think in reality whoever was giving her guidance probably said, ‘Look, the best way to protect yourself from getting classified emails in a, in a private account, so they’re not confused, is by setting up your own private server. And the best way to protect classified information that you receive and review, is to print them out in hard copy, just like they did before email,’” stated Cuban in the interview.

“The fact that she has not been capable of explaining this, tells me she just doesn’t understand technology, and she admits that she doesn’t understand technology, and to me that’s a huge negative, because in this day and age, I think wars are going to be fought, more by bytes, and more by cyber terrorism, than they are going to be fought by bombs and bullets, and if you don’t understand that, it’s going to be very difficult as commander-in-chief.”

When asked about Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, Cuban stated that he was a “breath of fresh air” but expressed his belief that no candidate on either side was very technologically literate.

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