Member of German Left Youth Party Apologizes to Refugees on Facebook After Alleged Sexual Assault by Migrant

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Selin Gören, member of the “Linksjugend Solid,” a far-left German youth organization, was reportedly sexually assaulted by a refugee on January 27. After an initial false report that she had been assaulted by “foreigners and Germans alike,” she revised her story before taking to Facebook to apologise for any “racism” that might be caused by the revelation that her alleged assailant was a migrant.

In her post, Gören wrote:

But what truly makes me feel sorry, are the circumstances by which the sexist and boundary-crossing acts that were inflicted on me, make it so that you [the refugee] are beset by increasing and more aggressive racism.

Local police have  a matching record of a woman in her age and location reporting a sexual assault.

Gören is a left-wing activist who regularly spoke for the far-left Linksjugend Solid party, a recognized daughter party of Die Linke, an established Germant progressive party. In 2007 and 2008, both parties were noted for their far-left extremism by the Verfassungsschutz, a German government agency which monitors potential threats to German democracy.

Her full Facebook post, translated:

Dear male refugee,

presumably of my age. Perhaps a few years younger. A bit older.

I am so incredibly sorry!

Almost a year ago I saw the hell, which you escaped from.

I wasn’t directly in the center, but I visited the people in the refugee center in southern Kurdistan. I saw old grandmothers, who had to take care of too many orphaned children.

I saw the eyes of those kids, a few didn’t lose their light.

I also saw others, whose gaze was empty and traumatizing.

I was shown arabic writing in a math class of 20 Yazidi children and still remember how a little girl cried, only because a chair fell over.

I saw a bit of the hell, that you escaped from.

I didn’t see, what happened before that and didn’t have to live through your exhausting escape.

I am happy and glad that you made it here. That you left the IS and the war behind you and didn’t drown in the Mediterranean.

But I fear, you aren’t safe here.

Burning refugee homes, physical attacks on refugees and a brown [Referring to brown-shirts] mob that moves through the streets.

I always fought against it.

I wanted an open Europe, a friendly one. One that I can gladly live in and one in which we are both safe in. I am sorry. For us both I am so incredibly sorry.

You, you aren’t safe here, because we live in a racist society.

I, I am not safe here, because we live in a sexist society.

But what truly makes me feel sorry, are the circumstances by which the sexist and boundary crossing acts that were inflicted on me, make it so that you [the refugee] are beset by increasing and more aggressive racism.

I promise you, I will scream. I will not allow it, that this continues happening. I will not stand by idly and watch as racists and concerned citizens call you a problem.

You are not the problem. You are not a problem at all.

You most often are a wonderful human being, who deserves to be free and safe like everyone else.

Thank you that you exist, and glad to have you here.


The day before this post, only one day after her alleged sexual assault, she wrote another post attacking “racist abuse victims.”

In this earlier post, Selin Gören claims that women are afraid to report sexual assaults to the police because they are not believed or because they do not want to incite racism. She describes her process of googling crime statistics and how many were committed by white foreigners, the day after she was allegedly sexually assaulted by a refugee. According to her, these societal issues and the fear fueling racist sentiments made her falsely report to the police that “three to four men, foreigners and germans alike stole her handbag.”

According to the post, it was only with the encouragement of a friend, who accompanied her on a second visit to the police station, that she revised her previous statements and told the truth: that her alleged attacker was a refugee. She ends her post by stating how afraid she is nobody will believe her because of said racist abuse-victims.

Both posts have since been deleted from her Facebook page but can still be accessed at online archives sites.

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