Apple Update May Let Users Know if Boss Is Monitoring Their Phone

US magistrate Judge Sheri Pym ordered Apple on Tuesday to provide "reasonable technical assistance" to the FBI, including disabling an auto-erase feature after too many unsuccessful attempts are made to unlock the iPhone 5C

From Amy Kraft writing at CBS News:

A lot of companies equip employees with mobile phones so they can check work email and keep in touch out of the office. But this perk comes with a catch: the company can monitor or restrict your activities on the device they own and maintain.

Now Apple reportedly is going to make it easy for people to know if their phone use is being monitored by their employer. According to developers and industry insiders, the next update to Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 9.3, will include a message to let users know that their phone is being supervised.

Tech blog 9to5Mac reports: “Although its not a secret that most company-administered iPhones are locked down in some way, current iOS versions do not prominently indicate if this kind of control is taking place on a device. With iOS 9.3, Apple is giving the user ultimate transparency in how their device is being exposed to their employer.”

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